Keep Going

Hello everyone,

I hope today finds you well. This school semester has been extremely tough. Taking  18 credit hours, and working full time has been a little more difficult than I imagined. However, I currently have a 3.8 GPA for the semester. Those straight As are looking promising. It is only because of God’s grace that I am still pushing through. My days and nights are both long, but it can be done.

Today, I encourage those of you who are pursuing your passions to keep going! Although I am tired and run down some days, I know that greater is in store for me. Frederick Douglass once said, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” This is very true. If you go back, and reflect on past events you should be able to identify some type of struggle. However, with that struggle probably came growth too. There is so much beauty in the struggle. One day when I have children, I will be able to encourage them to persevere by sharing my stories. They will be proud of their mom, and where she came from. The same goes for you, and your families. Leave behind a legacy that exemplifies hardwork, and determination. Remember nothing worth having comes easy. This degree in Political Science will not be easy to obtain, but definitely worth it.


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