Just. Let. Go.

Often times we can get so caught up in the lives of others that we forget to prioritize our needs. All of my life I have helped others. I have assisted with homework, donations, transportation, and even babysitting. I have always been the one that people call on when they need things. However, when I call on them they are nowhere to be found.

Sometimes we have to learn that we can not save the world. Yes, our job is to love our neighbors as ourselves. That does not mean to let people walk all over you or take advantage of you. For some reason, people feel that I do not have feelings. They feel as though things do not hurt me, but honestly they do. I just keep quiet, and let God fight my battles. I have removed myself from situations that stunt my growth, and detached myself from one-sided friendships. Sometimes we have to learn to love people from a distance. We have to focus on us, and wait for God to place like-minded people in our lives. Be encouraged! Those healthy relationships are on the way.

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