No Losses, Only Lessons

Throughout life we face many obstacles and disappointments. Some worse than others. The important thing to remember is that there are no losses, but only lessons. Every situation that you go through is God preparing you for greater. Reflect on your past experiences, and I mean really reflect. Did you learn something? Did you grow some? I know that I did.

Leaving JMU, seemed like a loss for me at first. However, when I look back I realize that it was all a part of God’s plan to grow and stretch me. JMU showed me what my passion really was. Then there is the abusive situationship that I was in. For some that would be counted as a loss, but to me that was also a lesson. I learned that if a man hits you once, he will more then likely do it again. I learned that my job is not to save the world, and that you can only help those who want to be helped. Another lesson I learned is that abuse is not always physical, but it can be emotional and psychological as well. Since that situation, I have been able to help so many others walk away from abusive relationships. To me, it was a lesson worth learning.

Bad situations are only losses if you look at them that way rather than taking the lessons from them. Charlamagne Tha God said, “You have to embrace the process before you can reap the rewards.” This is extremely true. In order to really see God’s purpose you have to embrace the process. You can not get so caught up in questioning Him, but you have to be sure to trust Him. You have to learn how to look at the bigger picture, and grab on to what God needs you to get from each situation. With God there are no losses.

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