Today I just want to encourage you all to be encouraged. Never forget that what you are going through is temporary. Learn to be content where you are until God transitions you into your new season. Often times when life is not going our way, we feel as though God has forgotten us. We throw pity parties, and often move into that “stinking thinking.” We forget about the million and one things that God has already done for us. We forget about how we cried about stuff in the past, and God answered those prayers too. Be encouraged! God is bigger than any circumstance or any situation that you are going through. How do I know? Glad you asked. I know because I have seen God take me from unemployed, to a full time job. I have watched him take me from sharing a car with my mom, to buying my own car. I have watched him make a way for me to go back to school when the odds were nowhere near in my favor. I have watched God show himself strong in my life time and time again. Of course I get frustrated. There are many nights that I lay awake crying, but if God did it before you better believe He will do it again. Trust God on today for all you are needful of. Be encouraged! He has it all under control.

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