Am I the only one who often feels lonely even in a room full of people?  Although I am a social butterfly, I constantly find myself in places of loneliness. I feel like the Black Sheep among  my peers, so I spend all my time focusing on school and work. Being alone can be a great thing, but also a very difficult thing as well. However, I have learned that I am never alone and neither are you.

God is with you, and He will never leave you nor forsake you (Joshua 13:5).  He is more than enough. He will comfort you, strengthen you, and love you when you feel unloved. There is no need to feel lonely and once you realize that God is all that you need you will no longer continue to feel empty . By walking with God, you have a constant friend. In your loneliness you must learn to value God’s presence. Loneliness is a shadow that often follows us and brings us to God’s light.

Just like us, Jesus was faced with loneliness. When Jesus was on that cross, He felt as though God had forsaken Him (Matthew 27:46). He felt abandoned and certainly lonely, but He knew that His greater was coming. He knew that paradise was awaiting Him, and His reward would be greater than His suffering. I type all of this to say, that loneliness hurts, but things will get better. Be encouraged! You have a God, that cares about your needs and concerns. He will never ever forsake you!

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