Morning Thoughts

Stop allowing who you think you are to keep you from who you are destined to be. Often times we do not think that we are good enough. We are unhappy with our weight, our beauty, our hair, our skin, or just simply unhappy with ourselves. Stop! Stop downplaying who you are. You are special! You are important! You are loved (Romans 5:8).

All my life, I felt like a Black Sheep. I felt that I was not good enough, and often times not pretty enough. Today I choose to be me. Today I choose to live life to the fullest. Today I choose to let go of past hurts in order to move into a better and brighter future. Over the years I have learned so much about myself, and one major thing that I learned was that I have been walking in fear. I guess, I am so afraid of failing, that I limit myself to the things that I know that I can do rather than trying things that I want to do. NO MORE! I want to walk in my destiny, and I want you to do the same. Get up and GO! Go try that hobby that you have been dying to try. Go to that audition or open mic night. Start that non-profit organization that you have been dreaming about. Get up and like Nike says, “Just Do It!”

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