Dear Father,

Thank you for being the true and living God. Thank you God for being my provider, my protector, and my comforter. Lord, please forgive me for ever sin. Help me to be more like you, and to walk in the fruits of the spirit. Help me not to grow weary in well doing. Help me not to grow tired, but give me the strength to endure until the end. God, I trust you to work out every situation in my life. Where I may have doubt, please help my unbelief. I pray that you would open up great doors for me. Lord, supply every need according to your riches and glory. I love you Lord, and I know that you are able to do all but fail. Have your way in my life, and help me to be a light in the midst of so much darkness. Help me to keep the faith no matter what it looks like. Bless all those connected to me. Give them what they need. Save, deliver, and set free. I pray for protection over my family and friends. I pray for healing in those who need to be healed. I pray for jobs for those who need jobs. I pray for miracles for those expecting miracles. Have your way God. Move on my behalf. Grant me favor in your eyes, and in the eyes of man.


I trust you today and tomorrow for all that I am needful of. Lord, I trust that your promises will forever lead me down beautiful pathways of love. Lord, I pray that your spirit will guide me, each day my whole life through. For in every decision and challenge, YOUR best has been planned for me.

In Jesus Name,



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