A Personal Prayer

Dear Lord,

Thank you! Thank you for all that you have done and that you are doing in my life.  Thank you for who you are. Thank you for being a God of second and third chances. Thank you for loving me in spite of all of my sins and shortcomings. Thank you for being the greatest example of love.

Lord, please forgive me for all of my sins. Lord, I ask that you would help me to be the man/woman that you have called me to be.  Help me to walk in the spirit. Allow me to love like you love. Allow me to forgive those who hurt me. Help me to move forward and let the past stay where it belongs. Allow me to be your hands and feet here on Earth. I pray that my light will shine wherever I go. Grant me favor with you and with men.

Then Lord, I pray that you will remove anything from me that is not of you including family, friends, addictions, and habits. Help me to look to you no matter what. Let me put all of my hope in you. Let me seek joy from you, and you only. I pray that you will bring positive people into my life. Bring supportive people into my live. Bring saved people into my life.

Lord, open up doors for me that no man can close. Orchestrate divine appointments in my life. Bless me God. Enlarge my territory, and please never take your hand from upon me. Have your way in my life Lord. Move on my behalf, and do a new work in me. I thank you and I praise you for all that you are doing, done, and yet to do.

In Jesus Name,



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