My Prayer for Today

Dear Lord,

Thank you for this day. Thank you for another opportunity to call on your name and to give you praise. Thank you Lord for starting me on my way this morning. Thank you God for another chance to get things right with you. Lord, forgive me for ALL of my sins. Forgive me for every thought, deed, or act that was not of you. Help me to walk in the fruits of the spirit. Let me walk in love, peace, joy, and gentleness. Let me be patient and kind no matter what. Let me overcome evil with good, no matter how hard it may be. Let love abound in every area of my life. Supply every need Lord. Grant me favor not only with you, but with man as well.

Then Lord, I come asking that you will bless my family and friends. I pray that you will save them Lord. Deliver them! Send healing if they need it. Send deliverance if they need it Jesus. Lord, I pray that you would bind us in love Oh God. Let us leave the past in the past. Let them seek you first God. I pray that you would break generational curses on today and bring about new beginnings.

Lord, I pray that you would go into the hospitals, nursing homes, and rehab facilities. Lord, pass through the ICU and the NICU. Send your healing power on today. Let your will be done Father. Your Word says that by your stripes we are healed so Lord I speak healing in the name of Jesus. Send comfort for all those whose family members are fighting for their lives. Lord, I cast out cancer on today. I cast out Lupus on today. I cast out Diabetes and high-cholesterol on today. I speak against Aids and HIV. I speak against sickle cell anemia on today. Lord you are able! You can do all but fail God. Break addictions Oh Lord. Send mental healing, spiritual healing, and physical healing. Have your way Lord.

Bless the homeless Lord and those without jobs. Lord, I pray that you open up doors on today. I pray that you would give them a warm place to lay their heads. I pray that you would supply their needs and help them to be encouraged. Provide homes Lord. Provide jobs God. Bless those being sold into slavery in Libya. Vindicate your people. Hold those in charge of this mess accountable. Send help Lord. Bless the United States Lord. Let us truly be a nation under you. Remove those in office who are not doing your will. If it is not your desire to remove them, then Lord please save them. Bring world peace. Bring unity. Let the leadership of this country seek you for guidance and for wisdom.

And Lord, I pray that you would even bless my enemies on today Oh God. Lord, you said you will make my enemies my footstool so Lord, do what only you can. I pray that you would forgive them Lord, and build them up. Let your love rule supreme. And allow me to let love trump hate.

In Jesus Name,


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