Keep Pressing

Everyday is a new day so please try to stop dwelling on the past. Today means new opportunities. Today means another day of grace, and most importantly another day to get things right. For years I have struggled with moving forward. Sometimes I find myself just stuck. Stuck on things that I did five and ten years ago. Stuck on things that I can not go back and change. It is time to move forward.

The Bible says, “to forget those things which are behind and to press forward to reach the goals ahead”(Phil 3:13). God wants us to move on because He knows that there is more to come. God knows the sins that we will commit before we even commit them. However, His desire is that we learn from the mistakes that we have made and push ourselves to do better. God knows that we are not perfect, that is why He gives us grace. He forgives us and gives us chance after chance. We must learn how to move on, just as God does. He does not hold our sins over our head, but he loves us in spite of our sins. We must do the same for ourselves. Move forward and love ourselves in spite of our shortcomings.

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