The Truth About Grace

The other day I had some questions about grace, so I started doing a little research . In layman turns grace is simply mercy, not merit. Grace is when you thought you lost your debit card for the tenth time this year, but your coworker placed it under your keypad . Okay , what about this ? Grace is something like when you forgot to study for a test, but at the last minute your class is cancelled and the test is rescheduled . No, no, no , I got it ! Grace is when you are on probation and you just know you’re going to fail your drug test , but God still allows you to pass it . Grace is that favor that God gives us during a time of need and distress . Grace is His unconditional love for us although we are undeserving .

Grace is the foundation on which the Gospel was built ! When God sent His only Son to die on that cross , that was the biggest example of grace that the world would ever know .  John 3:16 says , “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” YES ! So what I am telling you is that although Jesus did no wrong , healed the sick , and raised the dead He still had to hang on that cross and sacrifice His life for you and for me.  That is grace.

God shows His unwavering love for us from day to day . Next time you are wondering how something happened be sure to remember God’s grace .

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